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Power Conditioner Three/Four Mk 6


Design * Construction

· effective elimination of distortions already in the audio field
· multiple encapsulated balanced coil construction
· internal transformer adjustments
· low inner resistance
· voltage balancing
· transformer band-elimination filter, integrated mains-filter, double lightning protection
· inrush-current-limiter
· complete passive operation
· clear advantages in sound also in different power situations
· indepencde of time windows for excellent listening


· 1 x strip-wound core transformer
· 2 x power filter
· 2 x double lightning protection
· inrush-current-limiter
· operation display
· power cable2 m


· front panel switch for on / off


· AC power socket for mains-power-connection
· Type F Schuko-socket to connect the multipole-socket


· power input
· power output
· efficiency
· elimination of distortion
· max. power consumption Model 3000
· max. power consumption Model 2000

220 - 240V
2 x 110-120 V against ground wire      
> 98 %
> 12 dB/1 kHz
2300 VA (W)
1500 VA (W)


Dimensions - weight

· Model 2000 = Ø 250 mm x 240 mm, 30 kg
· Model 3000 = Ø 280 mm x 280 mm, 50 kg

Power seperation

· primary and secundary coils are galvanically isolated. The protective ground is secoundary and housing-sided connected.
· (no isolation transformer). You are forced to use power cable with protective gorund for the input and output of the transformer.

Power plug polarity

· the transformer cable has to be connected phase-correct. The device cable has identic potentials against protective ground.


· more effective shielding than isolation transformers and power filters,
· already effective influence in the audio area
· high effenciency even at less "contaminated" power grids and less "dirty" Hifi-components
· high effenciency and thereby lower heat development
· minimal power consumtion compared to electronic solutions

Shielding efficiencies

· high protection against voltage-overlaid interferences of any kind
· protection against impulse disturbances
· elimination of incoming interfering voltages
· elimination of irradiation in transformer /filter
· elimination of balanced disturbances (zero against phase)
· elimination of unbalanced disturbances (phase/zero against protective ground)
· high attenuation of low- and high frequency interference volateges
· high attenuation of power harmonics
· de-coupling against external loads
· elimination of impulses by switch processes and circular control signals
· elimination of irradiations by computer, TV devices, electrical motors, etc.
· elimination of disturbances by digital HiFi-components
· de-coupling of Hifi-components among themselves
· isolation of internal disturbances of Hifi-components
· absorption of internal disturbances of Hifi-components
· high attenuation of filter reflections at Hifi-components


· 10 mm aluminum cover brushed and black anodized
· transformer moulded in synthetic resin


· transformer / load, 230/115V - 115/230V


· analog and digital sources
· pre-amplifiers
· power amplifiers (also with high power consumption)

Multiple device operation

In comparison to isolatiing transformers the connection of multiple componets is allowed. You are adviced to use single devices or device groups with its own transformer for optimizing inner resistors and de-coupling.

Power consumption

Please, pay attention to, that the secundary power of the power transformer cannot reach the total power consumption of the connected devices. The power consumption at the maximum volume has to be taken as a basis at power amplifiers